Osburn 2400

Osburn 2300 Wood Stove

The Osburn 2300 is one of the newer models created using the latest technologies in design and manufacturing. It also keeps the standard Osburn smooth look and practicability. The Osburn 2300 has the usual easy-to-access ash drawer, hidden latch and hinges, extra-large glass window and comes with a built-in ultra-quiet crossflow blower. To all of these features the Osburn 2300 adds over-sized firebox which fits up to 20" logs and secondary air pipes providing extra rigidity and fuller wood combustion for higher efficiency.

The Osburn 2300 wood stove is a high-efficiency EPA certified stove.
  • Wood loads front to back
  • Heats 900 - 2,300 square feet.
  • Mobile home approved.
  • Comes as a leg or pedestal model.
  • Has an easy-to-access ash drawer.
  • Comes with a ultra-quiet crossflow blower with variable speed control.
  • Blower has 100 CFM.
  • Has a glass air-wash system.
  • Has a steel thickness (top) of 5/16 inches.
  • Has an optimum efficiency of 75%. 
  • Emissions are 4.47 grams/hour.
  • Insert baffle has a high heat-resistant C-cast.
  • Firebox is lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution.
  • Has a stainless-steel secondary-air system for improving gas combustion.
  • Has an adjustable handle.
  • Approximate burn time is 9 -10 hours.
  • Recommended chimney diameter is 6 inches.
  • Qualifies for some government incentives.

Overall depth 34 7/8 inches.
Overall height 33 5/8 inches.
Overall width 24 1/4 inches.
Weight 443 pounds (201 kg).
Firebox depth 21 1/4 inches.
Firebox width 18 3/8 inches.
Firebox height 14 7/8 inches.
irebox volume 3.4 cubic feet.