Osburn 1600

Osburn 1600 Wood Stove

The Osburn 1600 wood stove offers efficiency with environmentally friendly features and emissions as low as 0.87g/hour not only meeting EPA guidelines- but scoring below EPA standards. Heating your home during those cold winter months can be costly. Owning an Osburn 1600 wood stove can save you money on heating bills while looking stylish and keeping warm at the same time. Heat up to 1,800 square feet in elegance with the performance of 65,000 BTU’s per hour with the Osburn 1600 wood stove.
The Osburn 1600 wood stove offers an attractive and economical alternative to other types of heating units during those cold winter months. One great advantage of owning a wood stove is the cost. Wood is less expensive to heat a home than other heating fuels. With the rising cost of living the Osburn 1600 wood stove can help keep the cost of heating down. Oil prices have reached new heights, so owning the Osburn 1600 wood stove can be beneficial during those winter months. For optimum efficiency owning the Osburn 1600 wood stove is a smart decision.

The Osburn 1600 wood stove is a high-efficiency EPA certified stove.
  • Heats 500 - 1,800 square feet.
  • Is mobile home approved.
  • Comes on a Pedestal Base.
  • Has an easy-to-access ash drawer.
  • Has a glass air-wash system.
  • Has a steel thickness (top) of 5/16 inches.
  • Has an optimum efficiency of 80%.
  • Emissions are 4.4 grams/hour.
  • Insert baffle has a high heat-resistant C-cast.
  • Firebox is lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution.
  • Has a stainless-steel secondary-air system for improving gas combustion.
  • Has an adjustable handle.
  • Recommended chimney diameter is 6 inches.
  • Qualifies for some government incentives.


The overall depth 26 1/2 inches.
The overall height 32 3/8 inches.
The overall width 25 inches.
The weight is 352 pounds (160 kg).
The firebox depth 14 3/4 inches.
The firebox width 18 1/8 inches.
The firebox height 12 3/8 inches.
The firebox volume 1.85 cubic feet.
The maximum log length 17 inches.