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RSF Opel

Classic elegance and modern performance

Behind the elegantly shaped single or double doors of the Opel burns a fire that reflects the traditions of our ancestors. Yet this is no ordinary fire. This fire yields low emissions, overnight burns, and efficiency on par with most basement furnaces. The patented technologies used in the Opel give you the peace of mind that your fireplace burns a renewable energy source in a beautiful and environmentally responsible way.

Large 3.6 cubic feet firebox allows overnight burns.

The Opel can be installed into a masonry chimney using an RSF adapter and a UL listed stainless steel chimney liner.

With the catalytic combustor installed, the Opel is EPA Phase II certified with emissions rate of 3.7 grams/hour. The non catalytic Opel is exempt by burn rate yet still meets EPA's emissions requirements.

This fireplace is certified for use with 7" ICC Model EXCEL chimney only.

Bi-metallic Air Control

RSF has incorporated a unique bi-metal damper into their large firebox Opel, Onyx, and Delta fireplaces which works like a thermostat on your furnace delivering unsurpassed temperature controlled heat to your living space. Conventional air controlled fireplaces have fixed air controls which burn up to 50% of their wood load in the first 2 hours of their burn cycle. That means excessive heat for the first two hours, and little heat for the next eight.

RSF’s bi-metal damper senses the temperature in the heat exchanger automatically reducing the air setting at the start of the burn cycle and opens at the end delivering even temperature controlled heat throughout the burn cycle. The bi-metal damper also adjusts to heating demands of your home automatically burning more wood on a cold winter night and less on late spring evening, yet always delivering the same temperature controlled heat to your living space. RSF’s unique bi-metal damper is just one of the reasons RSF fireplaces have earned the coveted Popular Science Choice.

Central heating capabilities

The central heating option enables RSF fireplaces to be ducted in any direction, including down into a level below the fireplace. The ducting from an RSF fireplace can be set up a number of different ways:
• You can run a single duct from your RSF fireplace to a cool room on any level of your home and use a thermostat in that room to turn on the blower when the room requires heat. Options FDHB6-1 and FDHC6.
• You can locate the thermostat in the same room as the fireplace and use it to turn on the blower and move the heat to another area of the house when the room with the fireplace gets too warm. Options FDHB6-1 and FDHC6.

RSF’s unique bi-metallic air control automatically adjusts the burning rate of the fire to compensate for the additional output required to supply your central heating system. The central heating options shown above are available for the Opel, Onyx and Delta fireplaces. We do not recommend the Oracle be used as a continuous heating source.

Central Heating

A duct can be run from the fireplace into the central heating furnace ductwork that enables the heat from the fireplace to be distributed evenly throughout the home. See diagram above. Options FDHB6-1 and FDHC6.

Zone Heating

Ducting can be installed for up to three separate zones in your home and each zone can be controlled individually using our zone heating control and zone definition kit. See diagram above. Options FDHB6-1, FDHCZ1 and FDHCZ2.