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Regency U32S Sunrise Medium Gas Insert

Finally, a contemporary fireplace insert that presents a modern look while providing high efficiency heat. The tasteful surround has been designed with subtle dimension and clean, straight lines that draw the eye to the delicate Regency Sunrise™ fire with cobalt blue crystals. Transform your drafty fireplace to a modern heater instantly!

How it Looks:
  • Unique curved firebed that can be turned down for optimum heat control
  • Modern, efficient upgrade to keep the heat in your home
  • The tasteful surround transforms a traditional fireplace to a contemporary one.
  • Vibrant crystals, relaxing river stones or traditional logs
  • Non reflective ceramic glass for a clear view of the fire
How it Works:
  • Contemporary surround and door frame (patent pending)
  • Sunrise™ fire with cobalt blue crystals (patent pending)
  • Easy access waist height controls
  • Electronic Ignition with SureFire switch or Standing pilot system
  • Direct vent technology protects your indoor air quality
  • Whisper quiet variable speed blower to push the heat
  • Operates on natural gas or propane
Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTU 24,500 20,500
Turn Down BTU 16,500 17,000
Efficiency 67.00% 69.66%
EnerGuide Rating 49.61% 48.02%
View Area 236 sq. in.  
Room Size Medium  
Vent Type Direct Vent  
Min. Fireplace Opening*  
Width (front) 26.5"
Width (back) 22.5"
Height 22"
Depth 14"

*Regency Contemporary Faceplate