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Thelin T-4000 wood stove


This EPA certified wood stove surpasses the strictest emission standards in the US, an amazing 3.62 grams per hour (about half the EPA standard of 7.5 grams per hour).

The technology used to create this clean burning stove does not require a catalytic combustor and the secondary combustion technology keeps the door glass clean and ensures a safe, efficient fire that makes burning wood an economical and environmentally friendly heating source.

Parlour Wood Stove features

  • Easy to use ash pan that is removable from either side of the stove
  • Firebox that holds several pieces of 16? long wood or densified logs
  • Burns all night on seasoned hardwood in the secondary burn mode


  • 24K gold plated trim package
  • Nickel plated trim package
  • Painted colors (metallic black, metallic blue, sky blue, metallic brown)
  • Porcelain enamel colors (ivory, ebony black, burgundy red, teal green, cobalt blue.
Heats up to 800 sq ft in the Sierras