SGI series - Iron Trim Spark Guard

Spark guard frame consists of large diameter steel rods welded to an extra heavy kick plate to provide rigid support. Twisted bar stock handles are securely bolted to the frame, not the mesh. Self-supporting when tending the fire. Accented with Vintage Iron trim.
Custom Sizes Available
In addition to the standard listed sizes, this Pilgrim product can be custom ordered to your specifications.

StockCode Width Height Finish Weight  

 SGI3131 31 31 SGI 17 lbs. 
 SGI3928 39 28 SGI 18 lbs. 
 SGI3931 39 31 SGI 19 lbs. 
 SGI4430 44 30 SGI 20 lbs. 
 SGI4433 44 33 SGI 21 lbs. 
 SGI5033 50 33 SGI 23 lbs.


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