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Chimney Cleaning Supplies

When you first use a new stove you need to find out how successfully you are burning. The only way to tell is to inspect the chimney by removing the chimney cap and looking in. If you have accummulated more than an 1/8th inch of creosote you need to either burn hotter, get drier wood or at least have a daily fire at full draft for at least 15 to 20 minutes. When the chimney has more than 1/8th inch of creosote, or if the spark arrestor is plugging up, it is time to sweep yourchimney.
We carry a full line of brushes and poles for wood stoves to buy or to rent.

We carry Anti-Creo-Soot, a chemical to spray on wood as you burn. This chemical changes the state of any cresote in the chimeny from goey or glassy to fluffy. Fluffy soot is the easiest to sweep and by applying Anti-Creo-Soot before sweeping , chimney cleaning goes swiftly and thorough.