How do I replace the door gasket on my stove?

Once you have purchased the new gasket material and gasket cement, follow these steps to install your new gasket.

  1. Remove the old gasket from the door and thoroughly clean out the channel where the new gasket will be going. You may need to chip out any residual gasket cement. This can be done with a flat headed screw driver.
  2. Kneed the tube of gasket cement well before opening. The gasket cement contains both a liquid and solid which must be well mixed prior to application.
  3. Lightly dampen the new door gasket. This is best done using a sponge so that you don’t over dampen the gasket.
  4. Place a bead of gasket cement (approx. ¼” wide) along the entire channel where the new gasket goes.
  5. Tuck in any loose ends of the gasket. If the gasket has an inner core, pull out approx ½” of the core, cut it off and discard it. Then take the outer portion of the gasket and turn the edges into where the core once was. This will give you a fairly clean end.
  6. Starting in the middle of the bottom of the door, press the gasket firming into the gasket cement being sure not to stretch the gasket as you go.
  7. When you have worked the gasket all the way around the door channel, slightly overlap the glued end of the gasket and cut off the excess gasket.
  8. Again, tuck in any loose ends on the freshly cut gasket material and butt it tightly up to the glued end of the gasket.
  9. Once the gasket is glued all the way around, take the door and place it back on the stove and close the door on the stove. This will help to maintain pressure on the gasket until the cement is set.