How do I know if my stove's door gasket needs to be replaced?

After the end of each heating season you should perform complete maintenance on your wood or pellet stove. One of the routine maintenance items is to check your stove’s gaskets to see if they are in need of replacement.

You should replace any gasket which is loose or fraying. If the door gasket(s) looks okay, it still may need to be replaced. To test the door gasket, follow these steps:

§ Take a strip of standard writing paper (like this sheet), approximately 2-3” wide

§ Place the paper between the stove opening and the door, and close the door on the strip of paper

§ With the door closed, see if you can pull the paper out

§ Repeat this on all sides of the door

§ If the paper pulls out easily, it is time to replace your gasket

§ If it takes a lot of tugging, or if the strip of paper tears, your gasket is still good and does not need replacement

If you find that your door gasket is in need of replacement, you will need to know the size of the gasket. You may be able to find this information in your stove’s owner’s manual. If the size is not listed in the manual, it is best to bring the door with you when you come to purchase the new gasket material as there are many different sizes of gasket and the difference may be subtle.